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Some examples

Target Search works on a continuous base with most market leaders in the retail sector. References can be given on request.

For every retail challenge we look for a tailor made geomarketing solution. We do not offer standard software. No, we want to understand your product, pay a visit to your store, unravel your data, in sum, we want to understand your business and answer your specific question. A geomarketing solution is unique for us, just like you, your company and your challenge. Some examples of studies we have carried out:


Not a week passes or we have been investigating the site of a new supermarket or grocery store. What is the catching area to focus on? How many car or foot passengers do pass? Where are the competitors located? Just a few questions we consider before making a prognosis of potential turn over..


A difficult market: decreasing margins, too much competition and overly regulated. Would it not be better to move your business or is it wiser to invest in your current pharmacy? We investigate the expenditures locally and look if for example the customer profile entitles you to focus more on products with a higher margin. Or perhaps your business slows down and it is more suited to move to a more promising location in line with the Belgian legal restrictions of geographical and demographical spread. We help you with your marketing question and your application for a license.

Home decoration

Consumers are willing to drive quite a distance in order to get their furniture. As a result direct mailing is expensive. But what if your sales data can tell you that some customers are more willing to come to your shop than others? Again our geomarkting solution can help you to optimize your direct mailing!


Where are the white spots in your retail network coverage? How much cannibalisation can you expect in a new shop? Don’t you have to look for other multi brand stores? We gladly offer you more information on our solutions, based on our geomarketing experience in your sector.


Most likely, you find it logical that you sell other kinds of products in Charleroi than in Knokke. But do you know the income of your customers for each store? It is an opportunity for us to look at your customer base more closely so that you can adapt your product range.

Car distribution

You need to leave a place you rented. How can you take into account the concentration of other car dealers, the retention of your current clients and the future urban development?

Personal care

You have the choice between a number of locations in a shopping mall. What can you expect and where will you have the most people passing by? We are talking about buying on the impulse here.


You might be aware that in Aalst and a few other areas Saint Maarten comes on November 11 and not Saint Nicolas on December 6. We questioned households over the phone and registered their answers on a map so that we know for each small village if either Saint Maarten or Saint Nicolas passes by. The door to door mailing should be adapted so that each leaflet arrives at the right place at the right time!