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Nieuws geomarketing luxemburg

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Because of the multiple expansion opportunities for our customers, we have elaborated a geomarketing system for Luxemburg. We digitalised districts and villages in order to guarantee a fine distribution of the population, localised car and foot passengers streams and got insight in the structure of cities and shopping malls by means of detailed maps and visits in the area.

Consumenteninteresses geomarketing

Consumer interests

We developed a method to relate NIS districts to consumer interests and buying intentions based on extensive Bisnode enquiries. This enables us to define frequencies and product preferences for specific shop environments. It’s an example of blending geomarketing solutions with more classic marketing research. We have successfully implemented this method in the pharmacy sector. It can be carried out in your sector too!

Handelsbekkens geomarketing Nederland en Frankrijk

Catchment areas in The Netherlands and France

Do you look beyond boundaries? Not only did we invest in maps and data of our neighbouring countries, but we also defined the most important purchasing displacements by looking at retail concentrations. Explorative geomarketing research can now be done beyond Belgium without you having to contact another partner.

Passage in shopping centra

Passage in shopping malls

We have started recording the passage in shopping malls. It is important for you to be aware of the concrete number of visitors just in front of your shop instead of the overall number of visitors in the shopping mall.