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How can we help you?

Your figures and stores disclose much more than you are aware of.

The addresses of customers reveal from which living area they come and what their income is. The same data tell us what the driving distance is to your shops and to those of your competitors. This already explains a lot of your local market share in your catchment areas.

Also for your stores, relying on customers passing by there is much more than just counting the number of foot passengers or cars. Do they for instance actually pass your shop in the shopping mall? Who passes your store, always the same people… or different ones?

New location studies

How do you judge real estate opportunities? We are happy to study your next expansion project. Firstly we investigate the key elements leading to turnover in your existing shops: e.g. the residential market demand, the passage, the competition … Secondly we pay a visit to your potential new site and the environment. Thirdly we end with a geomarketing-report and an arguented simulation of the potential turn over.

Expansion studies

The same method is applicable to Belgium and Luxembourg. I gives you a priority list so that your expansion managers can search most effectively for the most promising new sites. You may be acquainted with these type of geomarketing studies called “white spots plan”.

Door to door mailing areas

You sent out leaflets by Belgique Diffusion (BD) or by Bpost. Is this the most ideal distribution zone? Meaning, do you reach your target to its full potential? Our experience shows that by altering your distribution zones your can accomplish a substantial cost reduction or you can strongly optimise your customer reach.

Customer profiles

Although the customer profile is only a part of one of our geomarketing analyses, it may be very valuable to your marketing team to know your customer profiles entirely. We fully unravel the standing and the living area of your customers, shop by shop. An opportunity for you to adjust your product range?

se1, se2, socio-economisch dossier, socio-economische vergunning

Socio-economic permits

Above 400 m² new points of sales must obtain a permit by the municipality. We are happy to help you in this regard. We will visit your site before. We will also contact the necessary persons within the municipality in order to capture sensitive issues beforehand. Our goal is to help you with a socio-economic permit request that is easy to read and well-illustrated by tailor made maps and pictures, focused on the relevant issues.